Guided Night Tours

Nocturnal hikes at Rio Santiago are a treat for any naturalist, as the darkness affords fewer distractions, and we rely on our flashlight’s beam to focus our attention.

Joined by one of Rio Santiago’s naturalist guides, we will search the rain forest’s trails, streams and treetops for animals that hide by day and prowl by night. Tropical mammals and birds, exotic reptiles, and colorful amphibians will all be pursued by our flashlights, and the experienced eyes of our guide.

An added reward to any night time adventure is a visit to Rio Santiago’s nocturnal insect collecting station. Here, we will complement our evening in the rainforest by discovering a diversity of exotic beetles, colorful moths, and delightfully bizarre and varied insect species, drawn in from the surrounding forest canopy.

Nature always reveals herself on her terms; however it is common on night hikes to encounter owls, tree frogs, arboreal reptiles, kinkajous, forest opossums, and an incredible variety of tropical insects and arachnids. Lucky visitors may even catch a glimpse of a wary rain forest feline.

Guided Night Hikes at Rio Santiago begin at 7:00 PM and typically last 1 ½ to 2 hours.

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